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Our office can provide accurate and efficient tax
and accounting services for 40% less than the large tax accounting firms!!

Features of our office

Tax filing and accounting services for the renewable energy sector such as solar power. (Tax due diligence and Tokumei Kumiai accounting can also be handled)

World-leading Special Purpose Companies for solar energy project development entrust their tax reporting and accounting to us, because we are familiar with all of the series of processes relating to development of power generation sites. From initial stages (such as procurement of land, permits and licenses) to contracts for electricity supply and sales. In addition, we can handle tax due diligence (DD) for power generation project sales and acquisitions and have extensive experience providing information and accounting for tax relating to investment schemes such as Tokumei Kumiai. We also support operators and business partnerships in the wind and biomass renewable electricity generation sectors.

Highly responsive with reasonable fee rates (We receive many requests for us to take over responsibility for tax and accounting services from other certified tax accountant firms)

In recent years the unit price for electricity from renewables via feed-in tariff systems (FIT) has been declining. Furthermore, while not limited to the renewable energy sector, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable delays and challenges to projects.

Our office is operationally efficient and disciplined on costs, allowing us to provide quality, accurate tax and accounting services at around 60% of the fees of the larger tax accountant firms.

Another feature of our office is the number of client companies who have switched their tax and accounting consultation contracts from other accredited tax accountants to our office as a result of referrals from existing clients.

Our office prides itself in our commitment and care to our clients, going above and beyond standard services. For example, we help assess tax risks such as might arise from the transfer of earnings between a corporate group and its directors, in order to provide the best tax advice to clients.

English service available

Our office proactively employs individuals who can use English in their work, so that we can communicate easily not just with clients and people doing business in Japan itself, but also with overseas companies and non-Japanese individuals. We receive many enquiries and requests from overseas consultancies and accounting companies regarding Japanese tax law and business, and work with them to provide help for foreign owned companies to expand into the Japanese market.

Highly competent in cross-border transactions (International inheritance, taxation of e-commerce, etc.)

Our office is happy to offer tax and accounting services not just to companies but to individuals such as foreign residents of Japan, and overseas investors in property or other assets in Japan. For instance, we provide support for the preparation of income tax returns for declaration of assets for overseas individuals, whether they are owners of real estate, or people who buy and sell stocks and shares using an account with a foreign-affiliated securities broker, or who are involved in management of US LLCs, trading of crypto assets, etc. We also provide support for tax declarations and returns for long-term foreign residents of Japan in cases such as international inheritance or other matters arising from the decease of relatives overseas, etc. Further services we undertake for business clients include VAT (consumption tax) returns in cases where companies not regarded as located in Japan for tax purposes (PE) still have an obligation to declare sales of their products to Japanese consumers via e-commerce, meaning that we have a wealth of practical experience relating to cross-border trade.

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